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Spay Neuter

SNAP:   Spay Neuter Assistance Program for Dogs

SNIP:    Spay Neuter Incentive Program for Cats


Depending on funding, assistance is available for anyone who is financially unable to spay or neuter their personal companion dog(s) and/or cat(s).  The programs, available to Klamath County residents, are designed to provide a safety net for those who typically “fall through the cracks,” which includes people who earn too much income to qualify for most assistance programs, but not enough to get their dogs or cats “fixed.” SNAP for dogs and SNIP for cats are provided based on individual need and available funding. We know that many people who earn an average income may not be able to pay the cost to spay/neuter multiple dogs, especially medium and large dogs, and need some level of financial assistance to get their dogs “fixed.” SNAP is available to help those in financial need have their dogs “fixed”.  We care and we’re here to help.   Together, let’s stop the pet overpopulation problem! Pet Overpopulation

It is impossible to “adopt out” of the pet overpopulation crisis.

There are simply too many pets!

Spay/Neuter is the answer to the problem.

Prevention of the next generation of homeless pets is our goal and it must begin in the community before, not after, the damage is done.

If you need help to have your pet “Fixed”, please call 541-884-PETS (7387)  Ext. 0 and


Spay / Neuter is the answer!

Spay Neuter

Pet over population is PREVENTABLE. The Spay Neuter Assistance Program(SNAP) helps people with the cost to have their pets spayed or neutered. Our local Veterinarians, a generous grant specifically for spay / neuter  and community support make this program possible. The program began in 2004 and since has helped thousands of pet owners.  If you are interested in more information about the program or in helping the SNAP program continue, contact us at the number below or use our PayPal link and specify “SNAP DONATION” on your entry.

Call 541-884-PETS (7387)  Ext. 0 for more information.

SNAP applications are available at the Klamath Animal Shelter, 4240 Washburn Way and are subject to application and financial need.  Some terms and conditions apply. The number of vouchers issued is based on available funding.

Facts and Statistics

About CATS…

One unaltered female cat and her off-spring can produce 420,000 cats in only 7 years.

  • At 6-7 months, female cats can have their first litter and can have as many as 3
  • litters per year.
  • Cats may continue to cycle until they are bred or spayed.
  • Spaying your cat is an important part of basic cat health care. Spaying at a young age prevents mammary cancer and spaying at any age prevents unwanted kittens, noisy heat cycles, and possibly even urine marking in the house.

About DOGS…

One unaltered female dog and her off-spring can produce 67,000 dogs in only 6 years.

Nationally, 80% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered males searching for mates. 

About the NUMBERS…

  •  The Klamath Animal Shelter cares for an average of 3,800 homeless a year, 320 every month!
  • Pets can’t add, but they sure can multiply!
  • Every day in the United States, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born, while only 10,000 people are born.  As long as these numbers continue, there will never be enough homes.
  • As many as 50% of dogs entering shelters each year are purebred.
  • Shelters nationwide take in 8 to 10 MILLION animals per year!
  • National feral cat population is estimated to be in the tens of millions!
  • According to national statistics, 4 to 5 MILLION unwanted animals are euthanized EACH year in the United States.  A sad average of: 13,000 per day, 1 every 7 seconds! 
  • YOU can be part of the solution!